Coastal Boat & Jet Ski Licensing offer a 4 hour course (including assessment) for the compulsory Victorian Marine Licence (Boat) & PWC (Jetski) endorsement ($130 both). Catering to all ages from 12 years upward. We service the Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. Bookings Essential.

Safety on the water is our business

Coastal Boat & Jet Ski Licensing offers Marine Licence Training for the compulsory Victorian Marine Licence (Boat) & PWC (Jetski) endorsement & assessment to the Mornington Peninsula & Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. We also offer other areas on demand.

We are a part of Registered Training Organisation Seaton Training, Marine Division. RTO 22279 approved by Transport Safety Victoria and we comply with National Training Standards.

The trainer is a qualified teacher with extensive experience on sailing and motor vessels in Australia and overseas.

Once you’ve successfully completed the course you will receive your certificate. You then need to take this certificate to a VicRoads customer service centre and they will issue you with your Boat Licence. No further testing is required.

Upcoming courses

Use the booking form provided or ph 0408 469 349 to book over the phone

PLEASE NOTE: From the 18th December 2017 a person under 16yrs is not eligible to obtain a Personal Watercraft Endorsement (Jet Ski Endorsement)



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Tue 21st December


Call 0408 469 349 for details or book now


Berwick Old Cheese Factory

34 Homestead Rd
Berwick VIC 3806 (click here for a map)

On-Line Courses

Call for Details- 0408 469 349


Frankston Yacht Club.

Long Island Drive (via Davey St)
Frankston VIC 3199 (click here for a map)


Monday 20th December 2021



(Between Rosebud & Dromana)

McCrae Yacht Club

690 Point Nepean Road (next to Lighthouse). McCrae VIC 3938 (click here for a map)

On-line Courses

Course Details

Course: Victorian marine licence (boat) and PWC (jet ski) endorsement.

Once you’ve successfully completed this course you will receive your certificate. You then need to take this certificate to VicRoads customer service centre and they will be issue you with your boating licence. No further testing is required.

Cost: $130 for Boat/PWC or $80 for PWC only

Payment methods: Cash payment on the day of training or pay by credit card using the booking form.

All ages 12 years and upward

No prior knowledge, study or experience necessary.

Topics covered

Safety Duties, Licensing and Registration, Vessel Preparation, Safety Equipment, Trip Preparation, Safe Operations, Towed Watersports, Personal Watercraft, Operating Rules, Aids to Navigation, Vessel Lights, Day Shapes and Sound Signals.

More information

Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We will run Private courses for groups of 10 or more where we come to you and deliver the course and assessment (must be a Commercial or Club building, not a private residence.)

For details please call our office on – 0408 469 349
7 days a week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the certificate as a licence?


No. You must attend at a VicRoads Office and hand over the training certificate and pay the licence fees to obtain your actual licence.

The Vic Roads Licence Fees are as follows (for initial issue of a marine licence VicRoads only offer a 5 year licence):

  • General Marine Licence 180.50
  • Marine with PWC endorsement $206.00
  • Restricted Marine (under 16) $90.50
  • Course fees paid to Coastal Boat & Jet Ski Licensing do not include the licence fee paid to VicRoads.


How long does the certificate last?

12 months from the date of issue, printed on the certificate.

I have a group of friends and we want to have a private course at our home.
Transport Safety Victoria have rules for where a training course can be held. The premises must be a commercial premise, it must comply with OH&S requirements, have suitable toilets and a reasonable size to take into account the comfort and safety of students participating in the course.
What should I bring when I attended this training course?

We recommend you bring snack foods to eat during the course, a black or blue pen, suitable identification (refer to Evidence of Identity page on this website) and the course fees in cash.

What happens if I don't pass the test?

You will be given further training and retested again on the day of training. You can only be tested twice on any given day. No further course fees will be paid for further training and testing in the days following the course date. Further training and testing costs will be met by Coastal Boat & Jet Ski Licensing.

How long does the course go for?
The total course time is 4 hours. The first half a hour will be registration/Admin followed by three hours of training and then finishing up with thirty minutes of testing.
What are the Assessment Process and Requirements?

The assessment is conducted under test conditions where each participant is handed a question sheet and answer sheet.

There are 30 multiple choice questions for the boat component and you are required to get minimum 26 correct to be found competent.

There are 15 multiple choice questions for the PWC (jetski) component and you are required to get minimum 13 correct to be found competent.

What is your refund & cancellation policy?

Online Course Fees
Once your enrolment is accepted and access to the online resources have been provided there is NO REFUND available for our Online Marine Licence / PWC Training Course.

Face to Face Course Fees
All refunds must be requested in writing with name, address, contact details, course details, date and reason for requesting a refund.

The following refund policy applies:

  • If a student gives more than 2 business days notice of cancelling their booking a full refund will be given or they can transfer the next available course.
  • If a student gives less than 2 business notice of cancelling their booking 50% of the course fee will be refunded or they can transfer to the next available course.
  • If a student does not attend the course and has not contacted our office to cancel the booking prior, no refund will be given.

    Seaton Training reserves the right to cancel any training at any time. If a course is cancelled by Seaton Training, 100% of any course fees paid by students for that course will be refunded or the students can transfer to the next available course.Any person who has pre-paid for a course and is not successful at completing the assessment process will be given a full refund of their course fee for that course, or they can attend our next course for further training at no additional cost.Course fees are non-transferable.

    Seaton Training will assist with any credit card fraud investigation that a student raises with their financial institution to ensure customer satisfaction.

    For Refund requests please email / fax / write to the Training Manager as follows:
    Training Manager
    Seaton Training Pty Ltd
    PO Box 85 Axedale Vic 3551
    Phone: (03) 5433 6223
    Fax: (03) 5433 6213

What are the fees for replacing lost or misplaced certificates?

There is a $10 administration fee for the replacement of lost or misplaced certificates.

Where the certificate has been incorrectly filled in by Coastal Boat & Jet Ski Licensing staff, a replacement certificate will be provided for free with the return of the defective certificate.

Eligibility for enrolment.

Eligibility to Apply for a Marine Licence

Pursuant to regulation 30 of the Marine Safety Regulations 2012 (Vic) the following persons are not eligible to apply for a marine licence:

  • A person who is disqualified from obtaining a marine licence, during the period of that disqualification
  • A person who is the holder of a marine licence that has been suspended, during the period of that suspension
  • A person who is disqualified from obtaining a licence or other authority to be the master of or to operate a recreational vessel under
    • (i) the law of another State or Territory, or
    • (ii) the law of another country,
    • in circumstances which, if they occurred in Victoria, would have resulted in the person being disqualified from obtaining a marine licence in Victoria
  • A person aged under 16 years of age are not eligible to obtain a personal watercraft endorsement.
  • A person who is the holder of a licence or other authority to operate a recreational vessel issued by another State or Territory that has been suspended , during the period of that suspension Applicants should note that they will be required to meet the health requirements for operating a car, motorcycle or boat and this may include further testing where appropriate.

12-15yrs are eligible for a restricted Marine (Boat) licence, students must complete all the same testing as a full boat licence however will have restrictions placed on their licence- As from the 18th December 2017, 12-15yrs are unable to obtain a PWC (Jet Ski) endorsement on their licence.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Marine & Personal Watercraft License Course. Chris & Andrea were excellent & we learnt a lot in a short time. They are an affable, professional couple who are clearly passionate & knowledgeable about the subject matter & we highly recommend them.


Chris & Andrea were AMAZING, friendly, professional and incredibly welcoming. The course was delivered in a easy to follow and understanding way ensuring all ages and abilities could learn with visual presentation, demonstrations and learning material. They were incredibly accommodating, no issue was to big for them. They allowed my son to have his test read to him as he can’t read and did everything they could to ensure that everyone left with a smile and their certificate while maintaining everyone was competent to the vicroads required level. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Attended the course at Frankston with my son after having 2 in a row cancelled by another company. The administration team was very efficient and the course was interesting going well beyond the scope of the test material. Excellent to have an assistant to help my son with any difficult wording on the test.


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